Archero Tips & Strategy Guide

Archero Tips & Strategy Guide

Enter a hostile world and try to bring it to life using only the bow and arrows you have on your back! Archero is a fast-paced rogue like whose only defense against the hordes of monsters is archery. Shoot a variety of monsters and get new power-ups from the coins you earn. Shoot with multiple arrows, get auras and get stronger – as you want! Our Archero tips and strategy guide show you how to survive!

Archero is a relatively difficult game so our guide will hopefully prepare you for the coming challenges! Let’s start with our Archero Guide to Cheats, Tips and Tricks!

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Hold on and move!

The number one mechanics you need to juggle is always to stay mobile, cellphone. We know this sounds obvious, but there will be times when you think you will not hit a ball for some time, and you’re waiting to dodge – try not to do that too often! It’s a bad habit and most of the time you take some damage, so it’s a good idea to move a lot.

Take cover!

In some layouts, walls and obstacles may be scattered. You can hide behind these things, but keep in mind that some enemies can throw their shots over walls! Take a few shots and then roll back into cover to cause slight damage. Watch out for the enemies who are trying to get closer to you so they can eventually find their way to you.

Get the circle skills!

Circular skills” are skills that involve two turning balls around your archer. You can get a circle of fire that causes the fireballs to ignite all the enemies that are approaching. There is also an ice circle, a bolt circle and so on. These auras make it easy for you to have melee options if enemies get a little too close to comfort you – which often happens when you start cramping layouts!

There is also a fourth aura, the shield circle, where two shields turn tightly around your archer. They block shots on contact, which is a very useful skill. It’s a bit of luck, but who knows – it could save your life!

Get Multishot as soon as possible!

There is also a list of abilities that will modify your basic attitude in some way. You can fire a shotgun, fire an arrow behind you, or bounce your arrows off walls. They are all great, but the ones you should get as soon as you see them is a multiple shot. Use this skill to fire two arrows at once, doubling your damage!

Get the stat boosts from the angel!

At every other checkpoint, you encounter an angel. The angel offers you two power-ups, but you can only choose one. A power-up is a statistical option, such as attack speed, critical strike chance, and base damage. The other turning on is just a cure. That’s important, but enemies let hearts sink at a reasonable speed. As long as you are careful, you can come through.

That’s all for Archero! If you have more tips or tricks, please post them in the comments below!

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