Archero: Everything about the Mysterious vendor

Archero: Everything about the Mysterious vendor

Hello archero players today will tell you everything about the mysterious vendor in archero.The mysterious Vendor keeps appearing during a run and offers goods for sale. Rip off or is his offer worthwhile?

When does the Mysterious Vendor appear?

There is no fixed rhythm in which the person dressed in purple passes by. You can not conjure it up through a specific action in the game, such as the devil. His appearance is purely coincidental.

After you have reached a level, it may happen that the Mysterious seller shows up and offers his goods . You can not control his appearance.

The offer of the mysterious Vendor

As a rule, you have the choice between two different offers: one you can buy for credits, the other for premium currency (gems). Very rarely, the mysterious trader offers three or even one thing in exchange for gems. His offer may include scrolls, pets or equipment of various rarities. The value of the offer, for example, how many scrolls can be bought as a package at once, and thus the amount of the prize, depends roughly on the number of chapters you have already successfully completed.

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What is worth to buy?

Credits shortage is no longer a problem after you’ve reached Chapter 4, at least. You should use every opportunity to exchange your coins, even if you are “only” getting scrolls. The use of gems (Gems) is already trickier, but also here you usually make a better cut compared to buying the Lootbox – quite simply, because you know what you buy. You’re dependent on what the Mysterious Vendor has just brought with you: saving her, for example, to upgrade (or merge) a particular item more quickly, you may not find anything suitable for a long time.

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