Archero: Best Skills and Abilities Guide

Archero: Best Skills and Abilities Guide

Archero is a surprisingly sophisticated mobile game, not to say: It’s bumpy! What weapon you should take and which skills are best suited to progress, you will learn here on our website.

The best skills in Archero

Many skills only fully develop their potential when you combine them with others. For example, bouncing bullets only make sense if you have a skill that allows you to split your shots or break obstacles.


It is one of the most effective abilities at the beginning of the game. Once your shots hit an opponent, they are then redirected to other enemies in the area. Each subsequent hit also deals damage. Combined with “elastic wall” you have the opportunity to cover the entire field with a true hail of arrows with just a few shots. “Ricochets” can also be combined well with anything that shoots extra arrows like “Diagonal arrows +1”.

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Front arrows +1

This ability boosts your shots straight ahead. So exactly where you want to have the most firepower in the first place! This ability is especially useful for boss battles and any opponent with many hit points. Ideal combination possibilities arise with capabilities that make your front arrows even more effective, such as “Piercing Shot” or “Elastic Wand”.


If you see that ability, come on! “Multishot” allows you to fire several shots in a row, almost a continuous fire that you can not escape anymore. In combination with “Frontal FILE +1” you increase your chances immensely to emerge victorious from boss battles. “Multiple Shot” also fits wonderfully with “ricochets” or “blood thirst”. You will then be able to increase the likelihood of profiting from these abilities. More of everything!

Diagonal arrows +1

This will give you not one, but two additional arrows that are shot at 45-degree angle, so you can do damage to several opponents in front of you. The ability ideally goes very well with Elastic Wand, which increases your chances of hitting enemies without explicitly targeting them. The offset angle greatly increases the likelihood of getting to corners that would not normally reach the frontal shots.

Elastic wall

Already mentioned several times, now in more detail: Essentially, this skill makes sure that your arrows bounce off the walls where they strike. Although different from chapter to chapter, your arrows generally remain dangerous. Try to combine Elastic Wand with several of the abilities mentioned above to enhance the effect. The more arrows bounce, the more effective this ability is. There are even worthwhile “back arrow +1” or “side arrow +1”.

Piercing shot

“Piercing Shot” ensures that your arrows can penetrate opposing monsters on the map and remain dangerous. In combination with “elastic wall” you are able to cover the complete map with arrows. With the number of arrows, this ability is getting better and better, especially in the fight against many melee fighters.


Once you have a pet, Wingman becomes one of the best skills you can have. In Archero it is only possible to shoot arrows if you stop. Of course, as your opponents continue to attack you, it is advisable to get a good timing between standing still and continuing. Your wingman dramatically simplifies things. In the heat of the moment you just stand behind him and shoot your opponents with arrows. While it is not possible to shoot through your pet, your opponents can not hit you through the pet.

The best weapons

In addition to the variety of different abilities you have in Archero access to a total of four different weapons. Each can be found in multiple play in the game. The duplicates are not useless: you can merge them and thus build rarer, that is, better versions of your weapons for the run. Using gold and scrolls can also create upgraded variants. In total, there are six levels of rarities, from ordinary (white) to legendary (golden).

Most of the time, you can not go wrong if you give preference to the highest rarity weapon, regardless of type. This is usually the one that causes the most damage. Even if you develop a certain preference for one or the other weapon, you can not always be sure to have this weapon with a high degree of rarity available.

Brave bow

Although the bow represents a good tool as your entry-level weapon, it really only unfolds its potential with the above-mentioned combinations. He is rock solid: At a good attack speed you do it properly damage. He also has a built-in function, which easily throws back hit enemies. Nevertheless, many will resort to other weapons in Archero as soon as the opportunity arises.

The bow is a solid beginning, but you should not ignore the following weapons.


For many, the weapon “Boomerang” is a non plus ultra in Archero. What the name promises, the weapon also holds: It comes back to you after every use, even if you then move again. At standstill, so if you throw the boomerang at enemies, position yourself so that the weapon hits more enemies on the way back to you. As the boomerang breaks through obstacles and enemies when returning, this weapon is unbeatably deadly if you know how to handle it.


In the advanced stage the scythe is a very suitable tool, thanks to high attack damage. The built-in “knock-back” skill also ensures that melee fighters can not approach you easily. When they reach you, they are thrown back by this weapon before they can attack you. You can not get hold of this special feature of the scythe, for example, as an ability. Especially against numerous bosses in a row, “Scythe” will be of huge use to you.


These throwing knives are the complete opposite of the scythe: Comparatively low damage is compensated by a very high attack speed. Depending on how fast you know how to let the knives fly through the air, the “saw blade” is more or less effective. The lack of penetration can you with the ability to ” attack power increase ” balance – or it does exactly the opposite and is full of speed, to stock the field with a never-ending stream of throwing knives.

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